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Dear Life

Etre spolpandole fino all'osso Ossa di storie voci lontane e ancora vive sguardi una parsimonia di parole ellittica e più che mai essenziale Ecco che cosa resta da dire ecco che cosa trova il lettore in Uscirne vivi tracce di materiale radioattivo lo stesso pericoloso e potente che ha attraversato illuminandole tutte le storie Il residuo secco Le prime e le ultime cose rivela Munro il bandolo di un mondo realizzato in sessant'anni di imperterrito lavoro e l'ago puntato nella stoffa in uieteSusanna Bas. Dear AliceWhat a good investment you ve turned out to be A little girl growing up in rural Canada in the early twentieth century far from the turmoil experienced by your contemporaries in Europe you nevertheless created several lifetimes worth of uniue stories from the limited resources you were given I watched while you observed every detail of your rural existence filing away images and experiences for future use like some Canadian Picasso accumulating a studio full of junk which one fine day when the light is right allows the bonnet of a toy car to become a baboon s wide grin a football to become its body and a tennis ball its baby s headYou ve recycled everything that came your way The ringlets your mother slaved over your early piano lessons your first viewing of a dead body that story you read in the newspaper the plot of the first novel you read your neighbour s failed marriage your elderly aunt s eccentric life your own experiences of illness every useful thing has been reused And as with Picasso each new work that emerges from the mountain of stored experiences startles by its novelty by its ability to veer off towards new and unexpected directions by its real and freuently shocking truthYou have used what you have been given very well AliceYou have earned your prizeYours very sincerelyLife


Dear life cara vita Il titolo originale della tredicesima raccolta di storie di Alice Munro sembra la consueta formula epistolare di un pacificato congedo Ma ha anche nel contesto narrativo e nell'espressione idiomatica da cui proviene il senso di un pericolo appena scampato Scrivere alla vita dunue per uscirne vivi Con l'urgenza di ogni fuga un'impazienza nuova che si manifesta in un inedito nitore uello della narratrice di Ghiaia il cui disincanto e tormento esistenziale sembrano raccontati dalla pro. I had never read any Alice Munro and I find it s difficult to say anything sensible about her Obviously the stories are very good She just won the Nobel Prize Duh But what s most impressive is that she doesn t seem to be doing anything in particular With some writers it s easy to understand why they re so highly regarded Take Vladimir Nabokov I look at his brilliantly constructed sentences his cleverly ambiguous allusions his breathtakingly unexpected metaphors and I sigh ah I wish I could do that too I know perfectly well that I can t I don t have the necessary technical skills But Munro isn t showy She seems to be telling me ordinary stories about ordinary people written in an ordinary language They don t reuire concentration to read But each one is perfectly balanced and somehow they end up grabbing me by the heart and forcing me to reflect on universal themes of human nature how people are unfaithful how they lie to their loved ones how they are unable to act at a critical moment and spend the rest of their lives wondering why not how their memories don t uite match up I m currently reading a lot of science books so perhaps it s natural that I m reminded of a story about Einstein and Hubble Some time in the 30s Einstein and his wife visited Hubble the most distinguished astronomer of the time They were taken to see the hundred inch telescope a current miracle of advanced technologyWhat do you do with it asked Mrs EinsteinI use it to discover the secrets of the universe replied HubbleOh said Mrs Einstein dismissively My husband does that on the back of an old envelope

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Spettiva raggiunta di una lucidità imperturbabile O del protagonista fuggiasco di Treno che attraversa le stazioni della propria esperienza e di uella altrui con lo sguardo di un semplice passeggero a bordo della vita uello che segue i percorsi mentali della vecchia di In vista del lago e del suo sconclusionato viaggio verso un passato irrecuperabile Un nitore che connota anche la lingua di pagine nelle uali Munro concede alla sua prosa un'ulteriore estrema libertà asciugando le proprie frasi come pi. DEAR WRITING It is reassuring to see that the Nobel Prize for literature went recently to someone who writes so clearly and so unpretentiouslyI am not much of a reader of short stories Shifting from one to the next is always anticlimactic And often their being grouped in one particular volume is also contrived This is the case with this collectioin Most of these stories were first published at different dates in various literary magazines Granta Harper s Tin HouseThe settings are very localized very Canadian and yet they are not The situations and their plots seem easily transferable to other places they present an individual dealing with whatever life has put on mostly her tray Without much ado these stories pay homage to the arbitrariness we have to deal with dailyWhile reading them I strangely reminded of the photographic work by Walker Evans Yes I know a different country and from a narrower time frame the Depression from the 30s in the US But both them and Munro explore that subtle line that divides life from representation or the old dichotomy of Nature versus Art In their Let Us Now Praise Famous Men Evans and James Agee presented their documentary work on how a section of the US population lived They were contracted to record and collect evidence of real people in their real lives in their real surroundings But now their book with the photos and the text is considered a work of creativityAs I followed Munro s collection I could from feel already from the first stories that there was an autobiographical tint to them They all had a personal uality I was then surprised and not surprised when just before the last four grouped as FINALE Munro warns the reader that these four stories are not such They are not fiction but have to be considered as autobiographical writings And in these we readI think that if I was writing fiction instead of remembering something that happened I would never have given her that dress A kind of advertisement she didn t need Voices he does not have any further part in what I m writing now in spite of his troll s name because this is not a story only life Dear LifeWithout Munro s warning I would not have felt that these last stories even though childhood memories predominate in them were closer to reality than the previous ones Her accounts of the familiar and the ordinary with her observations and her descriptions are all her creations her inventions But they are rendered in such transparent language that any sense of contrivance of artifice of fiction is not detectable Her pristine language approaches us very closely to her pristine and dear view of LifeDear writing indeed

  • Hardcover
  • 312
  • Dear Life
  • Alice Munro
  • Italian
  • 14 March 2018
  • 9788806214920

About the Author: Alice Munro

أليس مونروPersian

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    I had never read any Alice Munro and I find it's difficult to say anything sensible about her Obviously the stories are v

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    This new collection pinpoints the moment a person is forever altered by a chance encounter an action not taken or a simple twist of fate These are terrific stories by an amazing talent a writer so good I learn something new with every story

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    Pivotal momentsI read this at the end of 2019 but am reviewing on the first day of 2020 a day for looking back and forward for considering who and where we are and who and where we want to beIf I was going to write short pieces about just fo

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    I’m always careful not to fall victim to popular opinion when reading any book especially one by such an acclaimed and beloved writer as Alice Munro I tried to forget the fact that Munro had only recently won the Nobel prize for fiction This is only my second Munro so maybe I’m not the best judge of her work but I did find this collection very enjoyableI find that with Munro it’s the little details Her stories are everyday s

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    Story 1 To Reach JapanA story about a woman who's determined to have an affairNow I don't condone affairs But sometimes I can understand them eg Addicted by Zane But here no reason is given for Greta cheating And it doesn't seem to matter who she's cheating with any available and interested man will do So it's not “love” affairs she's havingMy educated guess about why Greta is cheating on her husband is that she's bored She's

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    DEAR WRITING It is reassuring to see that the Nobel Prize for literature went recently to someone who writes so clearly and so unpretentiouslyI

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    3 extremely memorable stars I am writing this at 245 am and we are at our cottage on Lake Huron and it was my favorite kind of day and evening

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    Dear AliceWhat a good investment you've turned out to be A little girl growing up in rural Canada in the early twentieth

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    As with all of Alice Munro's books I rushed out to buy this newest collection and then I rushed home eager to plunge into it I am an ardent fan of Alice Munro's work and I think this collection is good better than good The most breathtaking full and energetic of the short stories in this collection is Amundsen It takes place in a TB sanatarium near a remote town in Northern Canada The story is about a young w

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    You know I have been trying to put my finger on what exactly makes Alice Munro so fascinating Her writing is without frills she does not use flowery language or dazzling metaphors Her stories can be read by any schoolkid without referring a dictionary Ms Munro does not write about extraordinary events; her characters are middle class men and women of Canada going about their humdrum lives It is Ernest Hemingway plus Jane Austen

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