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    Like reading a tv show

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    A gripping serial killer mysteryThis book is a real page turner The two main characters Roz and DI Jordan are very well dr

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Free read ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Danuta Reah

The car of Gemma Wishart a young researcher in Russian languages is discovered abandoned by a walker; the driver has vanished without trace Over in Hull the body of a woman is discovered battered to death in a hotel bathroom; the only clue to her identity is a card bearing the name of an.

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Night Angels

Hart was helping her with transcripts of an interview with one such woman who has subseuently turned up dead in the Humber Estuary But it's possible there is another even darker force at work and when two bodies turn up Lynne is forced to conclude there may be a serial killer on the loos.

Free read ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Danuta Reah

Escort agency notorious for its suspected trafficking in Eastern European prostitutes For Detective Inspector Lynne Jordan the missing academic and the murder victim have a tenuous connection Jordan is in charge of a police operation to stamp out the illegal trade in human flesh and Wis.