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Rles Manson Ted Bundy and Ed Gein who dressed himself in his victims' peeled skin Now in chilling detail the legendary Mindhunter takes us behind the scenes of some of his most gruesome fascinating and challenging cases and into the darkest recesses of our worst nightmare. 9219 UPDATE Woo Hoo Mindhunter s Second Season Happening Now on Netflix 9 Brand New Episodes New York Magazine has an interesting article about the Real Take on the Atlanta Murders 642019 UPDATE Mindhunter Season 2 Charlize Theron Says August Debut Plus Son of Sam Confirmed to AppearCharlize Theron is one of the Executive Producers of Mindhunter and during an interview with Howard Stern she revealed the second season of Mindhunter was returning on August 2019 Although Netflix has not confirmed any specific date August 2019 seems to be pretty solid with all of the news updates are using this information One of the main focuses will be the Atlanta child murders There are rumors of other serial killers however this series has been very cagy in not having any photosarticlesteasers out The two articles below have a bit information Will be counting the months till August 10172017A Heads Up for the New Netflix Series Mindhunter Spoiler Free Update Netflix picked up this series and hopefully will arrive in the first half of 2019I am always looking for something to catch my interest and from the start Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris did it for me back in the day I read the book and was stunned and then the movie came outIt captured the feel of the book for me in so many ways The all star cast of Jodie Foster Anthony Hopkins and Scott Glen will forever in our minds be the first to talk about and show what a serial killer can beThere was something about trying to get into the head of these types of killers trying to see the why even with all the horror surrounding them It turns out the prototype for Thomas Harris FBI characters came from John E Douglas But like everything in this life there has to be a start to a process and in the Netflix series Mindhunter based on this series of books by John E Douglas takes us back to the beginning How the FBI came to discover and then research this new type of killing nothing predictable nothing the law enforcement had ever experienced before It went against all the Normal Predictors and also against any of the ways society classified killers These Real men John E Douglas and Robert Ressler were treading new and undiscovered territory learning and making mistakes but also new insights to how these killers came aboutThis series is not the flash bam lots of excitement genre It is a series that builds The first episode is the setup and has much to lay out the politics of the times 1970 s the way the FBI behaves and what it expects from their people You have the intro of the two men who take this journey into the unknown one Holden Ford played by Jonathan Goff who is feeling his way and knows from his gut there is something to this researching and talking to these criminals like people to get them to reveal the whys of their crimesThe other man is the FBI s Behavioral Guy Bill Tench played by Holt McCallany a veteran who goes out across the country and teaches police departments the Who What Where of this new concept of the mind and how it is not Just People Born Bad As the series goes on we also learn about their personal lives the different decades and how the changes all around them impact everything After a few entries we met a Dr Wendy Carr of Criminal Pathology played oh so well by Anna Torv of Fringe She brings the added understanding of these men are on to something big and works to develop a standard uestionnaire for these killers And here is the kicker we go with these men when they interview these convicted killers They are real caseslike Ed Kempler and Richard Speck These exchanges are chilling yet also make one wonder how much is manipulated by these killers and how much is real just like the characters in this series So this is my little shout out to something that might interest you if you like these types of readsTV Dramas etcIt is not a fast paced series but the details are there the times of the 70s are there I can say they held pretty true as I lived them as a young teen and the lure of wanting to see how each of these men survive what they are experiencing For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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Mind Hunter Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit

During his twenty five year career with the Investigative Support Unit Special Agent John Douglas became a legendary figure in law enforcement pursuing some of the most notorious and sadistic serial killers of our time the man who hunted prostitutes for sport in the woods. This review is going to be as much about comparing it to the new Netflix series as it is the book itself You have been warnedJohn Douglas was a FBI agent who spent most of his career working for its Behavioral Science Unit Along with other agents Douglas interviewed a wide variety of violent offenders including such notorious figures as Charles Manson Richard Speck and David Berkowitz and then he tried to apply what they learned to develop criminal profiles of active unsolved cases If you ve ever read the books of Thomas Harris like Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs or seen the movies or TV show based on them then you might be familiar with the character of Jack Crawford who was based on Douglas Over the course of his career he worked on famous cases like the 80s Atlanta child murders and the Green River StranglerThis is your basic true crime stuff written by a law enforcement professional Douglas gives us his background as a fairly aimless youth who ended up as an FBI agent by pure chance and found that he had a taste and talent for digging into the history of criminals to see what made them tick The book mixes his war stories of cases he worked along with a fair amount of bitching about the criminal justice system and a little griping about he sometimes felt ill treated by the FBI He sprinkles his story with tidbits of his meetings with serial killers and brags a fair amount about how accurate his profiles turned out to be for several cases he worked In fact you sometimes get the impression that the only reason that there are active killers who haven t been caught was because someone failed to heed his adviceIn fairness Douglas does spread a lot of credit around to his fellow agents and local cops he worked with over the years and he goes out of his way to note that the agents of his department are essentially consultants who don t catch criminals themselves The guy did dedicate his professional life to studying the worst of the worst in the hopes of finding better ways to identify and catch them in the future While that s obviously a noble calling you do get a sense of smugness and self aggrandizement from him at times You can tell that he gets a huge kick out of playing Sherlock Holmes and dropping predictions on people that turn out to be right but there s a notable absence of him ever being wrong about any of them other than minor discrepanciesWhat s most interesting about this book is how it was adapted into the a TV series The first season of the show is about the early days of the Behavioral Science Unit when they were still coming up with the terminology and methodology they d use to research and study violent offenders in prison Douglas and fellow profiler Robert Ressler have been turned into fictionalized characters but the killers and their crimes are historically accurate Many of the scenes and stories are drawn from this book but using created characters as the leads frees them up to add drama as well as pick and choose their spots on the non fiction bitsSo while Douglas certainly has had a colorful career and has many interesting things to say I found it a lot satisfying as a TV show than a book Also if you re watching and liking Mindhunter be sure to check out Zodiac which producerdirector David Fincher also did

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Of Alaska the Atlanta child murderer and Seattle's Green River killer the case that nearly cost Douglas his life As the model for Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs Douglas has confronted interviewed adn studied scores of serial killers and assassins including Cha. Think Like One and Get ThemWhat s that thing that thinks like a criminal walks like a criminal talks like a criminal but doesn t hopefully act like a criminal It s an FBI Criminal Profiler what else GREAT BOOK In a NutshellOutside of a killer a book is a great friend Inside of a killer it s too dark to read unless of course you can find a match there BOOOOOMMMM Gosh These books bring out the worst in me PS As you probably noticed the walk like a criminal and talk like a criminal were perfectly superfluous and irrelevant sentences but they had to be there to make the guessing game a lil bit spicy and challenging

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    So John Douglas is great when he’s talking about serial rape and child murder and then he’s intensely obnoxious when he’s talking about

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    This review is going to be as much about comparing it to the new Netflix series as it is the book itself You have been warnedJohn Dou

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    “Behavior reflects personality The best indicator of future violence is past violence To understand the artist you must study his art The crime must be evaluated in its totality There is no substitute for experience and if you want to understand the criminal mind you must go directly to the source and learn to decipher what he tel

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    If you’re a true crime reader in the US Mindhunter is a must read of greatest hits Be forewarned though that Douglas is an almost unbearable horse’s a lacking even the slightest self awareness and with a zeal for capitol punishme

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    Ok this is pure wow The fact that the author doesn't adopt the 'holier than thou stance' so common with law enforcement makes this an extremely enjoyable as well as worthwhile readIn high school I was already si

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    Think Like One and Get ThemWhat's that thing that thinks like a criminal walks like a criminal talks like a criminal but

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    9219 UPDATE Woo Hoo Mindhunter's Second Season Happening Now on Netflix 9 Brand New Episodes New York Magazine has an interesting ar

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    How to be a Criminal ProfilerImagine yourself thinking like a criminalThe moment you'll start doing it it's like grabbing the key of the safe where he hides all his secret devilish plansYou're gonna know where the hell he's gonna be and what the f he's gonna do And you could use that valuable information to get near enough to help him burn in

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    the mindhunter tv show on netflix has literally both made and ruined my lifei have so much uni work but all i can do is watch netflixlisten buzzfeed unsolves true crime JUST ended and mindhunter comes into my life? its like the universe is enabling my true crime interestsnaturally i have to further destroy my life and re

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    This is probably the true crime novel of all true crime novels the one every fan of this genre should add to the top of their reading list Mindhunter covers the story of several infamous criminals from The Killer Clown John Wayne Gacy to the pseudohippie Charles Manson It was detailed well written and it shows