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Nding poverty in its midst that spirit is much needed But what strikes one most in reading the book is the historical plurality of culture religion and ethnicity that gave Lahore its particular tone and style And it is perhaps this that helps Lahore retain that very special place not only in the hearts and minds of those who live here or elsewhere in Pakistan but throughout the subcontinent and beyon.

Summary Lahore Tales Without End

Lahore Tales Without End

The idea of a book on Lahore is hardly new A number of books have been written on this wonderful city that has seen the ebb and flow of time through the centuries But there is a need for many For Lahore remains a virtually inexhaustible treasure of stories that inspire instruct and entertain Majid Sheikh in his writings on the people places and events that constitute Lahore's history brings out its e.

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Xuberance as well as its pathos Over times it has been laid waste by waves of invaders and by bouts of famine but has bounced back each time with its zest for life undiminished Perhaps it is to this distinguishing trait that its denizens point to when they say Lahore Lahore ai Today when the city can no longer call the Ravi its own and is beset with mindless development and abza groups as well as gri.

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    I have read a lot of books on the history of Lahore including the two classic ones by SM Latif and Bair I studied these in my university days Then there is an interesting book by Pran Nevile But when it comes to a true classic combining history and folklore no one can match the classsical books of Majid Sheikh On Google I read his weekly colu

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    Series of newspaper columns that are very interesting to read They are basically stories related to different aspects of Lahore past and present

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